Casa Fuzetta


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As Casa Fuzetta is a private home, we’ve allowed ourselves to set things up the way we like … They may not always be conventional!

On the basis that this is a house in which groups of friends and family stay, there are no hotel style locks on bedroom doors – and no keys to lose or forget!  (There is a small safe in every room to protect the essentials should you wish.)

Following the no key to lose idea, when the house is occupied, access through the front door is care of a digital key pad. (We will share the code when you arrive.)  This has proved a wonderful way for guests to enjoy the freedom of exploring the town, with no need for military style coordination!

Being in the heart of Olhao’s old town, we are sensitive to the fact that noise travels and our neighbours are sensitive to noise (and to water from the pool – of which more below ...) With this in mind, we ask guests not to use the pool or pool terrace after 10pm, to ensure no loud music after 11pm and generally, to be sensitive of noise entering and leaving the house, particularly late at night. We need to carefully discuss what is possible for events, and their timing.

The rooftop pool is beautiful. Heated, when needed. Not huge; but it is a truly magical experience to swim overlooking the rooftops, to the sound of the church bells … To ensure our lovely neighbours are not drenched as they walk by on their way to work [and yes, this has happened!], please remember that the pool is more for refreshment than exercise – and most of all, please do not jump in!

The house has been wired to provide wifi throughout. You are welcome to use it liberally in your rooms but in keeping with the idea that this is a place to be inspired through conversation, creativity and new experiences, we would ask you not to use phones and laptops on the terraces or in the other common areas. And in the hope we can encourage you to a full digital detox, please note that there are no televisions. (On request, we can set up a home cinema in the library for special movie night! You bring the ipad and download your choice of movie…)

We would prefer no smoking anywhere in the house, including the terraces.

Parking in the old town is an experience. On the plus side, in most areas (but not all, so please take care) it is free. For the faint of heart, we recommend declining the car rental company’s offer to upgrade and opt for the smallest car you are comfortable with.  The streets of the old town are narrow and in places tricky to navigate.  But don’t worry, although you may not be able to park in the immediate vicinity, you will be able to drop off your bags and then park within a short walk nearby.

Please see the Booking Terms & Conditions for full details of the House Rules

We’re trying to do our bit for the environment and will continue to try and do more. Steps so far that you may notice:

  • Our hot water and underfloor heating is powered primarily by solar panels

  • Our lighting is all LED (with the exception of the chandeliers)

  • Linen changes are once per week for bed linen and twice per week for towels [unless otherwise agreed].

  • Food, we source local and seasonal as much as possible; generally from the Olhao markets, sometimes direct from the farmers. Where we need to resort to supermarkets and bigger suppliers, our first choice is to buy Portuguese.

  • The gardens are low maintenance and use a drip system to keep water consumption to a minimum. Likewise, only one bathroom has a bath. Everywhere else there is only a shower [and very nice it is too!]

  • We try to use only eco-friendly cleaning products and organic, natural hand soaps

  • We try to avoid plastic bottles and have ordered copper water flasks for guests to take out on their adventures.  Filtered water is available in the kitchen. And there is an automatic hot water tap to avoid endless boiling of the kettle!

  • Guests are invited to use the baskets in their rooms for shopping at the market and going to the beach. For bigger shopping runs, there are always plenty of bags for life and shopping trolleys in the pantry.

  • We use a salt filtration system for the pool, to keep chemicals to a minimum.

  • And very soon, we will be able to recycle our rubbish. Something to help soothe the guilt when you see the number of empty wine bottles in the morning!

  • Last but not least, you are invited to join our Beach Warriors initiative