Casa Fuzetta




The prices below are based on 7 days accommodation only. Please let us know if you would like to stay for a longer or shorter period. (5 days is our minimum, except in July & August  and over Christmas/New Year when our minimum is 7 days.)

We recommend arriving on Wednesday or Thursday to ensure you can enjoy the market on Saturday morning, but we will do our best to accommodate other requests.



1 November – 31 December                              €10,675 (€1,525pn)
(excluding Christmas & New Year)

Christmas (24 – 26 Dec) &                               €15,750 (€2,250pn)
New Year (30Dec – 1 Jan)



2 January – 30 MARCH                                      €10,500 (€1,500pn)

1 – 31 APRIL                                                       €11,550 (€1,650pn)

1 – 30 May                                                         €13,825(€1,975pn)

1 – 30 June                                                       €16,450 (€2,350pn)

1 July – 31 August                                            €19,775 (€2,825pn)

1 – 30 September                                              €16,450 (€2,350pn)

1 – 31 October                                                 €13,825 (€1,975pn)

1 November – 31 December                              €11,550 (€1,650pn)
(excluding Christmas & New Year)

Christmas (24 – 26 Dec) &                               €16,765 (€2,395pn)
New Year (30Dec – 1 Jan)


We would normally expect check in to be between 16:00 and 18:00 and for guests to check out by 11:00. We will do our best to accommodate other requests and/or to offer a space in which to store your bags, but please understand that this cannot be guaranteed.

What’s included:

3hrs per day maid service for 5 days per week

Fresh linen once per week & fresh towels twice per week

Some initial provisions in the fridge and the pantry…. (Generally this will include: Nespresso capsules (two per guest), tea, sugar, fresh bread, selection of fruit and veg, fresh local cheese, butter, milk, eggs, olive oil & vinegar, salt & pepper) If you would like a full fridge shop to be done before you arrive, just let us know what you would like.

Our lovely local house manager will be available to meet and greet you at the house, show you how everything works, share recommendations and local knowledge. She can be available to pop in every day or disappear if you prefer complete privacy.

Extras we can help with:

Local chefs and caterers, yoga teachers, massage therapists, florists, event producers, stocking up the fridge, recommendations for local restaurants, activities and much more…  Drop us an email or give us a call and we can help make suggestions to ensure you have a wonderful stay.  

Important details

We ask for a 30% non-refundable deposit to confirm the booking and the balance of the rental fee to be paid 8 weeks before your arrival.  

We also require a security deposit equal to 20% of the rental fee to be provided 1 week before arrival.**please note Weddings and Events may require different terms

Extras should be settled locally before departure, in most cases directly with the suppliers. (Please note that few will have credit card facilities and therefore will prefer payment in cash.)

Please see Legal for a full copy of our Booking Terms & Conditions and Additional Terms & Conditions.


The goodwill, care and enthusiasm of the house team is key to everyone’s enjoyment of the house. They appreciate your acknowledgement of their work through your friendly respect and the financial reward of tips. We want everyone, front of house and behind the scenes, to be rewarded, so please don’t leave tips in your room but leave them in the tip box located in the kitchen. Rest assured 100% of the tips will go to the team!  A suggested amount is 10euro per room per day.