Casa Fuzetta


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With one of the best markets in the world within 450m of the front door, eating fresh, local, seasonal produce couldn’t be easier. It is bountiful, delicious and may make you question everything you taste when you return home!  

The fish and seafood here is famous throughout Portugal, and even the hotels across the Spanish border will make the trip to seek their supplies from Olhao.

When we’re in Olhao with a full house of friends and family, our approach is to enjoy a mix of eating out, cooking for ourselves and having a chef take on the heavy lifting. Our approach is informal, with relaxed, family-style service. However,  we recognise that each  group of guests will have their own preferences or needs. With this in mind, we have developed a broad network of chefs and caterers with different specialisms and approaches, who we would be delighted to introduce you. Get in touch by email or phone to let us know what you would like and we will be happy to make a recommendation. (The arrangements will be direct between you. We only ask that we approve who it is, so that we know who is coming into the house…)

On request, we can also make arrangements for you to enjoy an honesty bar and we have a wonderful supplier of organic Portuguese wines.

We will always ensure there are some initial provisions in the fridge and pantry for when you arrive.