Casa Fuzetta


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special occasions

The best parties can change lives and stay with us long after the last champagne cork has popped! Casa Fuzetta is a wonderful place to celebrate with friends & family - it is private, informal and intimate.

We have a network of suppliers who we would be happy to introduce you to – from planners to florists, production companies to caterers…  

And if you’re planning a big wedding or event, whilst we may not be able to host the main event, we can provide the perfect base for smaller events before and after… whether rehearsal dinner, welcome reception or post-mortem tea the next day!

The house offers the flexibility for different events in different locations. Below is an estimate of the maximum capacity each area can accommodate:

Wedding service:        x 40–50 on the pool terrace

sit down lunch or dinner

x 30 kitchen terrace
x 30 pool terrace
x 24 entrance / wine vault



x 50 kitchen terrace
x 50 pool terrace
x 40 entrance / courtyard

Please note that different terms and conditions may apply for events, so please get in touch if you are interested in hosting an event at the house.